The Most Popular Beauty and Wellness Treatments in London

From skin-tightening technology to chiseling cheekbone massages London has it all when it comes to beauty & wellness treatments! Find out our favorite treatments & where to get them.

The Most Popular Beauty and Wellness Treatments in London

From skin-tightening technology to chiseling cheekbone massages, London has it all when it comes to beauty and wellness treatments. With so many options available, it can be hard to know where to start. To help you in your search for the best beauty and wellness treatments, we've rounded up our favorite London treatments that meet all the requirements mentioned above. Su-Man is a great place to start if you're looking for a facial that goes beyond gentle cleansing and exfoliation.

Their treatment technique is unlike any other, with intense and intimate choreographed movements that manipulate muscles and define contours. Going from the eye sockets to the ears is like doing Pilates for the face, as Su-Man draws on his experience in dance and shiatsu to offer a practical and very powerful experience. With its own range of skin care products, it will address any problem, perform extractions, and moisturize the skin, including the upper body and feet, with a firm massage while the mask sinks in. You'll leave with a smooth, smooth and transformed complexion.

The only problem is that you'll never feel satisfied with a “standard” facial treatment again. Elemis is another great option for those looking for a facial. At The House of Elemis spa, they offer facials for sad, tired, sensitive, dull and pigmented skin, which combat spots, lines and the effects of pollution in London. Elemis facials combine an expert touch and technology for impressive results. And the best of all is the Biotec facial treatment, which begins with a SkinLab analysis of the face, with a specialized camera that highlights and expands aspects such as sun damage, scars and dehydration.

Therapists then design their facial treatment based on their findings, using phototherapy, oxygen infusions, hot stone massages, and more. It's designed to be relaxing, rather than invigorating, but you'll be sure your skin will receive super personalized care. The Berkeley Hotel is another great place to go for a luxurious facial experience. Once inside, you float in a cloud of expensive scents until you reach the second-floor spa. You are then told to undress “at your comfort level” (I was naked) and invited to lie down on a soft massage bed.

More of a “ritual than a facial”, what makes this experience so exquisite is that therapists use hot and cold stones. First, a warm one is gently placed on the belly, where it will stay feeling like an hour-long hug. Then your face is steamed, covered with a cleansing balm, and rubbed with scrub, fruit acid, and omega-rich oil. Occasionally you receive a small heavenly lick at a pressure point with a hot or cold “jade heart” healing stone.

However, the highlight was when my beautician applied a face mask to me and then gave me a scalp massage. In the end I was so relaxed that I felt drunk. The Como Metropolitan spa is another great option for those looking for holistic treatments. Dr. Hauschka focuses on natural, ethical and simple skin care, and the holistic facial features the stars of the range.

With safe but gentle movements this practical treatment will deeply cleanse, moisturize and balance the skin with extractions and more localized care in problem areas. You'll leave with glowing skin and a calm mind. The Akasha Holistic Wellness Center is part of the Café Royal Hotel and houses an impressive rectangular pool in its center and a variety of elegant treatment rooms on the sides. We tried The Ultimate Aromatherapy Facial offered by Aromatherapy Associates which was impressive due to its level of consultation before the session began. I had a wide range of serums masks exfoliating products and oils for my specific skin type applied professionally during an ultra-relaxing treatment session which also included an additional back and neck massage. Cult skincare La Mer has been at the top of almost everyone's beauty wish list for years due to its rich intense and restorative creams serums and lotions both expensive and coveted.

A few years ago they opened their first spa treatment room in Harrods where they mainly offer facials many of which are exclusive treatments all of which cleanse energize and moisturize. Finally The Retreat located four floors below Leicester Square at The Londoner hotel is another great option for those looking for some well-deserved pampering. Get your best friend together and book one of their spa packages which includes full access to their spa facilities including saunas steam rooms Jacuzzi plunge pool relaxation area gym yoga studio juice bar restaurant barbershop nail bar boutique shop as well as access to their extensive range of treatments.

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