Referral Programs for Beauty and Wellness Services in London

Discover how fashion brands are using customer referral programs to address high costs of acquiring & retaining customers & learn about successful examples.

Referral Programs for Beauty and Wellness Services in London

We are seeing a trend of fashion brands utilizing referral programs to tackle the high costs of acquiring and retaining customers. Friendship offers are generous discounts for customers to make their first purchase, while current customers are rewarded with store coupons to encourage repurchases. SMARTY is a great example of this, as they have perfectly aligned their value proposition with their target audience and provided exceptional value and service to their customers. This is evidenced by their 4 out of 5 rating on Trustpilot, one of the highest NPS in the industry, and the fact that they have won multiple awards, including those for best PAYG network and best value for money (SIM only) in the uSwitch Broadband and Mobile Awards.

Cotopaxi offers clothing for outdoor activities, such as fleece jackets and sweaters, as well as backpacks and blankets for camping. People tend to socialize with those who share the same values and lifestyles, which is what the Keller Institute calls passive matchmaking. This means that good clients are likely to meet people like them and can recommend more good clients to them. It is important to ensure that your design and user experience are as simple and easy to use as possible, and to constantly work to reduce any unnecessary sticking points that could prevent referrals or actions from recommended friends.

In addition, research from the Keller Institute highlights that referral marketing usually works so well due to better compatibility and social enrichment. This means that a referral is likely to reach the right person at the right time, be read and received from a reliable source. The 9 lunches (or lunch and dinner for a week) represent an important commitment and reflect the industry's trend to increase customer retention and combat customer loss. However, they don't let their campaign get boring and they regularly update their offer with booster campaigns with additional rewards for a limited time for customers to recommend again and again.

Vitality, a leading provider of health, life and car insurance in the UK, has a shared value insurance approach and uses rewards as a key part of its business model, which is a unique advantage for potential customers and customers. Google has also established very clear instructions and guidelines on its referring home page, including definitions, a step-by-step example of a successful recommendation, an interactive timeline, and testimonials from successful recommenders to help reduce potential confusion and inspire confidence. Despite their rapid growth and success in results marketing, over time they hit a ceiling and needed to find a broader brand-based approach that would help them overcome it, including a transition from results marketing to direct response marketing and branded television and, of course, their referral program. The Shopify Affiliate Program rewards entrepreneurs, influencers, content creators, and others who send recommendations to Shopify but must submit an application and be accepted before receiving their unique referral link.

Google's referral program is a great example of both a customer referral program and customer acquisition program as it's designed to target both individual users and businesses. While many of the mechanics of B2C and B2B referral programs tend to be the same, there can be significant differences, especially in the timelines between recommendation and action, the fact that many more actors can participate in a B2B recommendation, and the rewards for a B2B recommendation can be much greater. By creating a situation where potential people who refer us have little time to recommend them and collect a reward, customers are driven to act quickly which intelligently mitigates potential problems related to customer apathy or lethargy. Tesla is an excellent example of how a referral program can adapt throughout the life of a company - from its creation through high growth and maturity - as well as how ingenuity with rewards and incentives can make a program relevant and exciting.

It is essential to have a clear call to action with wording that is clear so that each participant knows exactly what they need to do in order to earn a reward or incentive.

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